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Why You Should Be Using Coco Peat

        Mangrove forests are one of the most important ecosystems on earth, and they're disappearing at an alarming rate. The main cause is people cutting down mangrove trees to create more space for fish ponds or shrimp farms. This practice has increased in recent years with the rise of aquaculture, which currently provides more than half of global seafood production.   One way we can help save these forests is by using coco peat as a sustainable alternative to potting soil - it's made from coconut husks and peat moss, so it doesn't require any harvesting or deforestation! Coco peat holds water like a sponge and retains nutrients over time, making it perfect for all types of plants including vegetables and flowers. A new study published in the journal Nature Communications found that coco peat is a better material than pine bark for growing plants. Coco peat eliminates the need to use large quantities of fertilizer because it provides nutrients and water directly to the