Indonesia's palm acid oil/palm sludge oil exports to the world in 2020 reached US$544.47 million

In the ASEAN region, Indonesia is the largest supplier of CPO to Malaysia with a market share of 85.14%, followed by Thailand (8.56%), Cambodia (1.78%), the Philippines (1.48%), and Singapore (0.6%). 61%).

Meanwhile, Indonesia's palm acid oil/palm sludge oil exports to the world in 2020 reached US$544.47 million, an increase of 6.6% compared to the previous year. Malaysia is Indonesia's main export destination for these products with an export value of US$185.37 million or a market share of 34.05%, followed by Italy US$101.12 million (18.57%), China US$76.93 million (14, 13%), the Netherlands US$41.61 million (7.64%), and the United States US$27.2 million (5%).

Kasan explained that Indonesia's palm oil production in 2020 was still above the annual average production, even though various industrial sectors were hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on data from the Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency, in 2020 Indonesia's palm oil production reached 51.58 million tons or higher than the annual average of 37.57 million tons.

The realization of Indonesia's palm oil export volume in 2020 reached 34 million metric tons or decreased by 9% compared to 2019. "However, the export value of this commodity actually increased by 13.6% to US$22.97 billion. This was due to the increase in product prices. palm oil in 2020," said Kasan. Over the past two decades, he continued, palm oil has played a significant role in the economy.

Palm oil can be processed into various foodstuffs and oleochemicals. In addition, palm sludge oil can also be used in the energy, cosmetic and consumer goods industries, such as soap and shampoo. "We cannot deny that in the midst of the scarcity of fuel energy sources, palm oil is an alternative energy source. Biodiesel is an alternative energy source in the future, not only for Indonesia but also for countries in the world. Because, Besides being relatively cheap, it is also environmentally friendly," Kasan concluded.


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