Lauric Acid Palm Oil for Preventing Virus Infection

Jakarta – The massive development of Covid-19 cases in Indonesia requires people to be extra aware of their health and self-protection. By regulating consumption patterns, lifestyle, and the immune system, the body will be able to avoid this viral infection.

The immune system also has several components that are integrated with each other with a fairly complex performance to carry out its function, namely protecting the body.

In the Palm Oil Indonesia report it is noted, “to increase and maintain the body's resistance, it can be done by consuming foods that contain high vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein and antioxidants. One of the foods that are rich in nutrients that can be utilized by the body during a pandemic like today is palm oil. Palm oil is rich in vitamin A, vitamin E and other antioxidants that are important for maintaining the body's immune system. Palmitic acid contained in palm oil also has an important role in providing protection to the lungs.”

Armed with these conditions, the Palm Oil Research Center (PPKS) has also developed a new innovation, namely lauric acid which is also able to increase the body's immunity.

“Lauric acid is a naturally occurring saturated fatty acid which is very useful as an antibacterial. Usually, lauric acid comes from coconut oil, but lauric acid can also be found in palm kernel oil. Lauric acid if consumed will be converted into monolaurin which can help increase the body's immunity to fight harmful pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi, thereby helping the body prevent infection and disease," as quoted in the Palm Oil Indonesia report.

A researcher at PPKS, Frisda Rimbun Panjaitan, revealed that the body's immune system greatly affects the production of immune inflammatory protein cytokines that function to ward off viral infections, so that it is one of the preventive measures taken to reduce the spread and infection rate of the corona virus.

Through immunomodulatory research that has been started since March 2020, PPKS wants to initiate that palm oil and palm kernel can be developed as immunomodulatory materials to modulate the immune system as a preventive measure against viral infections. It is hoped that the research results can develop into the pilot project stage and can then be commercialized. (Ellisa Agri)

Source: Warta

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